Business Verticals


Adapting to changes in Classroom Environment to a Virtual platform has become the order of the day. Our framework provides the support from freelance trainers/tutors to large corporates to compile and deliver Learning Packs for their Students/ Trainees with ease.


Automobile manufacturesto train dealerships around the world on new models or to inform technicians about new regulations through eLearning that can steer them to business excellence


Impactful training is essential to drive manufacturing process and eLearning streamlines the processes required, reaching thousands of learners across all departments and serving standardized material to all.


Training the professionals and aspirants in generic courses related to banking, finance and insurance.

Information Technology

e-learning solutions that cater to all IT staffs on the constantly evolving training demands of new technologies, new processes, best practices and innovations


Thousands of customers and representatives, spread across regions can be trained on the latest technology in an instant.


Train Healthcare professionals on various health issues, new medical devices, safety issues, procedures and Healthcare compliance training needs.

Life science

e -solutions supports trainings for doctors, surgeons, nursing and administrative staff, background information on medical equipment, Hospital policies, regulations etc.

Consumer Goods and Services

e-learning solutions deliver information on new products, provenance and their overall impacts.